Man Crashes Car Trying to Time Travel

by Warmaiden on January 13, 2016 in Articles – Comments: 0

In the United States, a man in the state of Florida crashed his vehicle into a couple of businesses in a strip mall in an attempt to travel through time (presumingly as was done in the Back to the Future film series). There were no injuries to the driver or anyone in the affected building, but there was a lot of damage to businesses Advance Tax Service and Pensacola Caskets.

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Evil Henchman's Guide - Wicked Daughter

by GKmix on December 21, 2015 in Entertainment – Comments: 0

As there is an Evil Overlord in many book, film and television storyline, there also must be a group evil henchmen very close behind.  If you happen to be the wicked but beautiful evil daughter of the Evil Overlord, here is some advice that will keep you out of harms way...and maybe even grant you rulership over your family's evil empire.

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Shin Seiki Anime Megamix I

by GKmix on October 28, 2015 in Entertainment – Comments: 0

This is my very first megamix of songs that have been featured in several different Japanese animation series that I had originally created sometime before the year 2004. The music within this 78-minute long megamix are opening, ending and insert songs that can be found within their respective anime series. The lyrics of each song this megamix are sung in the Japanese language.

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If I Become an Evil Empress...

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For all of the goal-orientated women of the world, if you ever had a desire to become a successful Evil Empress, here are some tips that will certainly help you obtain absolute supremacy over your dominion and lackeys. If you take this as a guide that supplements the Evil Overlord List, then your victory and reign should be assured!

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Amusing Chat #01

by Warmaiden on September 22, 2015 in Entertainment – Comments: 2

I recently had one of the strangest and most amusing online conversations that I've had in years with a pervertedly-minded individual.  The conversation started out like a standard "I want to see more of you" situation, but then it got really weird when he started telling me things he wanted to do.  Toward the end, I took the opportunity to have some fun with this guy, and he finally understood that he was definatley not going to succeed in any way with me. The entire chat was so funny that I just had to share it with the internet world.

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If I Become an Evil Overlord...

by GKmix on September 7, 2015 in Entertainment – Comments: 0

In film and television shows, we usually root for the good guys, but have you ever imagined what you would do in order to win if you were the villain? This question had been asked before and an online effort was made to create a list of ideas to being a better villain. The Evil Overlord List, compiled by Peter Anspach, is a humorous guide to being the best villain you can be in your fictional storylines!

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Great Heineken Commercials #02

by Staff on August 24, 2015 in Entertainment – Comments: 0

Here's volume 2 of hilarious commercials that had been created for the Dutch beer producer Heineken International. These commercials come from broadcast television advertising all over the world and it's very interesting to watch the different humor styles and special effect that each culture presents in these short films.  Take a look and decide for yourself!

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Special High Intensity Training

by GKmix on August 10, 2015 in Entertainment – Comments: 0

In the 1990s, an unknown employee at a company somewhere in the United States created a joke memo to mock some company training that he or she had to take. The memo was eventually typed up and posted on the Internet, where it has become one of the timeless pieces of online humor that applies to everyone who has or had a job. So, enjoy learning about will find that it is not what you think!

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